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Luigi, Mia & Paolo Rock Star DoggiesTM

Three Different personalities, three diverse backgrounds, three unique gifts but when they came together it was magical. Bonds were made, friendships were built, hearts were touched and a dream was born.

Luigi, Mia & Paolo inspired in us an idea to create a book that would translate into words what they were expressing in moments caught on film.


Photographed by Jesse Freidin one of America’s leading fine art dog photographers dedicated to lifting up the household dog to its rightful place as contemporary muse.

WOOFS OF WISDOM Was the perfect way for us to share the joy and love they bring to our lives and the lives of everyone they meet. We wrote what we feel they would have wanted us to convey…..

Life matters, Love matters, Loyalty matters.


WOOFS OF WISDOM is a fantastic little book with a huge heart! The message is positive and the images of these three bigger than life characters are unforgettable. Jesse Freidin photographer captured the rock star doggies in all their splendor and WOOFS OF WISDOM is overflowing with raw emotion. Luigi, Mia & Paolo are Ready to take the world by storm…but we need your help!


transformed into superstar characters

Join Luigi, Mia & Paolo Rock Star DoggiesTM as they take Hollywood by storm. They arrive in Hollywood for a sold out, One Night Only performance at the famed Whiskey A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. They end up becoming bigger celebrities then they ever imagined. Their message is simple but powerful: Just Be Yourself, Don’t Let Anyone Change You, Most Of All Be Kind. The illustrations are fantasticly colorful and extremely expressive…they tell the store. This is a book for anyone who believes in dreams and spreading an important message in a simplistic way. Luigi, Mia & Paolo invite you on their adventure in Hollywood.

We collaborated with Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company to create the collectable Luigi, Mia & Paolo plush characters.

They’re super soft, extremely lovable and beautifully designed.